There is so much to celebrate this Holiday 2021 season: We’re celebrating our brand’s 35th anniversary, for which we have created a new high-fashion, high-function Holiday 2021 Collection to pay tribute to our longstanding red-carpet legacy. We're celebrating the return of special occasions, nights out and everyday celebrations. We’re celebrating this Moment to Shine.

As such, we invited a symbol of glamour, joy and confidence to join us: The one and only Kate Hudson. The multi-faceted actress, mother and entrepreneur makes her debut this season as our new global ambassador and star of our Holiday 2021 Campaign, Moment to Shine. She is synonymous with the red carpet, and her optimistic approach to life inspires those around her to shine brighter.

"Having worn Stuart Weitzman shoes for years, both on and off the red carpet, I’m excited to make my love of the brand officially official by becoming their new global ambassador. I was immediately attracted to the concept of their 35th anniversary campaign, Moment to Shine," says Kate.

"Kate Hudson is the ultimate cool girl," says Global Head of Design Edmundo Castillo. "You know you’ll have a great time with her whether at a red carpet event, a party at a friend’s house or on a night out dancing. Every woman has her own Kate Hudson within, and I designed this collection to celebrate and bring that out in her.”


To translate the bold glamour of our Holiday 2021 Collection, we tapped some of the most influential creatives in the industry known for their work in defining fashion and culture.

Famed British photographer and director Craig McDean, a prolific talent known for his fashion images and portraiture, captured the campaign imagery and film. Meanwhile, Elle Fashion Director Alex White, a long-time stylist known for redefining fashion iconography, reunited with Kate after having styled her for two W Magazine cover stories in the early aughts (October 2005 and September 2008).

They were joined by makeup artist Francelle Daly and hairstylist Orlando Pita — each of whom worked their magic to create a modern and effortless take on old Hollywood glamour, from her slicked-back hair to her soft smokey eyes.

To capture the essence of Hollywood glamour, the team convened in the center of it all: Los Angeles. The shoot took place all through the night, and we even set off fireworks!

Photographer Lewis Mirrett, who is known for his documentary, emotional approach, was on set to capture the buzzy energy behind the scenes, as seen in the photographs here.

"There have been so few opportunities over the last year and a half to get dressed up, and look and feel really glamorous, that shooting this campaign was extra fun for me. And, I was very quickly reminded how confident you feel and how easy it is to shine when you’re wearing amazing shoes!" says Kate.


McDean’s campaign imagery is designed to reflect the mood you feel when stepping into the Holiday 2021 Collection: Celebratory, glamorous, confident, ready to shine. Meanwhile, the moody film, a nod to the film noir genre, adds an element of mystery and allure: Set at night in a dramatic modernist mansion, it depicts Kate getting ready to go out and celebrate. Where and with whom doesn’t matter. Why should it when you feel this good?

In every look, the Holiday 2021 Collection is cast into the spotlight. The curated selection features high-impact, high-glam interpretations of our most iconic silhouettes — the boldly glamorous naked sandal and the boldly confident stretch boot.

“As we slowly emerge from a stressful moment in time that felt so surreal, this holiday season, more than ever, is the moment to shine,” says Edmundo. “Shoes are emotional accessories, and I want women to look at this collection — the shoes, the silhouettes, the hardware, the materials — and feel joyful, glamorous and inspired to have the most fun they’ve had in a long time. After all, who isn’t ready to dress up and go out for a great time?”

New versions of our iconic red-carpet naked sandal, the NUDIST, are reimagined in a series of eye-catching looks in a nod to our red-carpet legacy. The NUDISTCURVE 100 SANDAL features sleek new curves, a look Edmundo says is a "must-have that makes any outfit look sexy." The STARDUST 100 SANDAL delivers a dazzling twist with cascading crystal embellishments, as a "timeless conversation starter," says Edmundo, while the NUDISTCURVE GLADIATOR 100 SANDAL melds our celebrity-favorite NUDIST stiletto with the gladiator silhouette to create a full-on fashion statement. "It's a head-turner!" says Edmundo.

Meanwhile, we innovated our signature stretch boots. Ultra-sleek lines and an exaggerated pointed toe define our new essential STUART 100 STRETCH BOOTIE, while our innovative 50-mm ULTRALIFT lug sole takes our iconic stretch over-the-knee boot look to new heights with the LOWLAND ULTRALIFT BOOT. "This boot is perfect to wear from the city to the slopes," says Edmundo. Fun fact: Kate loved the stretch boots so much she took both pairs home and was even photographed wearing one of the pairs later that week!

"The holiday collection is making me even more excited to celebrate the season! All of the styles are so effortlessly glamorous, it’s hard to pick just one. I’ve worn the iconic 'NUDIST' shoe on so many red carpets, but I’ve never seen it quite like this. The new 'NUDISTCURVE' is really comfortable and adds a sleek, new twist to the original that I love. And, the crystal-covered 'STARDUST' will definitely be my new favorite party shoe. As for the 'LOWLAND ULTRALIFT' boot, it was love at first sight. I wanted them so much that I actually wore them home from the shoot!" says Kate.

The only thing to do now is make it your Moment to Shine. Explore these styles and more in the Holiday 2021 Campaign Edit, now on